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Welcome to Learn Aviation

In this exciting and fast developing area of travel & tourism, we have a wide range of products to support delivery of Aviation courses and qualifications. These include:
  • Air Fares & Ticketing
  • Airline Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Operations on the Ground

All of our Aviation course materials and e-learning packages are suitable for self study or classroom use and can be provided as a full colour printed manual or on CD with annually renewable licence. The licence enables organisations to make materials available online through their intranet or lms, providing fantastic flexibility in their use and maximum ROI as user numbers are not limited.

Air Fares & Ticketing
We offer Air Fares and Ticketing course materials at 3 levels, all endorsed by Thai Airways International and including:
  • All necessary resources
  • Email support throughout by Learn Travel experts
  • Self -managed exams to suit individuals and organisations
  • Exams marked and certificated by Learn Travel

Air Fares & Ticketing - Introductory

A great introduction to the intricacies of selling air travel, these materials can be used as part of induction in the travel agency environment, for home study when preparing to apply for work in travel agencies and airlines, or for students working towards qualifications such as City & Guilds Level 1 in travel & tourism. Subjects covered include:

  • Travel trade organisations, aviation authorities and industry terminology
  • Airline destinations around the world
  • Flight information including charter, and scheduled flights, surface information for airports and aviation codes
  • Airline timetables, flight routings and time zones
  • Global Distribution systems
  • Fares and flight documents including fare types and their restrictions 


Air Fares & Ticketing Level 1

This course covers the latest IATA level 1 specification including e-ticketing. We also have versions available to support BTEC Fares & Ticketing 1, City & Guilds Level 2 and SQA courses. It is also written to support home study. On completion students will be able to:

  • Define IATA geographical areas and Global Touting Indicators
  • Interpret various aviation codings
  • Identify differing fare types and their characteristics
  • Select the lowest applicable fare for point to point itineraries with reference to fare rules
  • Calculate fares applying the fundamental principles of the mileage system
  • Construct fares using NUCs and the IATA rates of exchange for a range of currencies
  • Identify all automated tickets
  • Interpret all MPDs/MCOs

There is a final assessment with mock papers provided for preparation.


Air Fares & Ticketing Level 2

This covers the IATA level 2 specification focusing on the more complex fare construction requirements and building on the basic dare construction principles from Level 1. On completion students will be able to:

  • Construct fares for multi-sector journeys applying the mileage system, higher intermediate points and minimum fare checks
  • Apply add-ons to construct unpublished fares
  • Identify differing fare types and their characteristics
  • Calculate fares for journeys with surface sectors
  • Calculate fares for journeys involving side trips
  • Assess fares for journeys involving different classes of service
  • Construct special fares for multi-sector journeys with and without surface sectors
  • Complete automated and manual fare calculation areas in detail

There is a final assessment with mock papers provided for preparation.


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Airline Cabin Crew
Available to individuals and institutions worldwide, our course manual introduces students to the world of Cabin Crew and the skills that are needed to fulfill the role. Subjects covered include:
  • The Airline Industry and the role of airline cabin crew
  • Maintaining effective team working and communications
  • Promoting Customer Care in the Aviation Industry
  • Health, Safety and Security in the Aviation Industry
  • Gaining employment in the Aviation Industry


Aviation Ground Operations
This course is designed to be used by individuals and organisations as an introduction to Aviation Ground Operations. Our course manual aims to:
  • Provide an understanding of the industry and develop generic skills and knowledge of the duties required to work in Aviation Operations
  • Develop an understanding of airport communications, terminology and relevant safety checks and procedures
  • Provide students with knowledge of customer care and how to handle the needs of airline passengers
  • Explain the processes and activities involved in check-in, boarding and disembarkation of passengers
  • Provide a basis for further study and motivation towards career development



We also provide e-learning systems and courses to enhance classroom teaching or Home Learning, with interactive training that brings reality to learning. You will find more details of GDS and Airport Check-in courses and system licences on this page and through links to more information. 

GDS Courses


Fully interactive internet based systems training for the Galileo, Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan systems.

Students follow a series of lessons on the system emulator reproduced on your PC screens, which replicates exactly how live systems operate, developing the skills and knowledge students require.

The lessons are supported by additional practice, role-play, exercises, quizzes and final exams. A comprehensive supporting workbook is also available.

Tutor access to the system allows tracking of individual student progress through the course.

Click here for a System Preview

Learn Travel provides access to the system through two pricing structures

Annual License

An unlimited number of learners have access to the system (max.40 concurrent users) for a period of one year. Log-in is controlled by an administrator at the college. All support documentation and learner progress is held within the system.

Individual Access

This can be beneficial for lower student numbers. We provide a system access card allowing 40 hours of system access bundled with a comprehensive course workbook.

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