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Teaching Support for Schools and Colleges 

With many years experience as a travel training company , we understand that supporting lecturers is essential for effective teaching and student success. That is why we make it our business to provide the right materials to support teaching and exam preparation.

Our resource materials support travel and tourism qualifications across a number of Awarding Bodies in the U.K. & Ireland, as well as helping international colleges.
Click on the Awarding Bodies below to see the library of materials we offer for each particular one, along with selected samples:

Edexcel  City & Guilds   NCFE   SQA   FETAC

All materials have been written for classroom-based delivery and can also be provided to students as workbooks:

  • Key subjects at separate levels
  • Suitability for both classroom delivery or self-study
  • Qualification specifications are met for a variety of Awarding Bodies
  • Supports both the learner and lecturer
  • Are all available on an annual CD licence for unlimited printing; paper-based resources are available on request  

Content of the Modules:

  • Plenty of interactive exercises, activities and quizzes throughout
  • A test to endorse individual learning at the end of each section
  • A final validation to endorse individual learning at the end of each module
  • Answers and recommendations for the lecturer

Are you an overseas college teaching travel and tourism?

Then we can help. Click Here for a list of all our products; you can use them as the basis for developing your own teaching & learning support materials. Alternatively, Contact Us if you require help with bespoke materials.


Developing materials for Schools and Colleges

Learn Travel research, plan and write training solutions tailored exactly to your needs and whatever the subject. Working to the highest standards in learning design, we create materials that provide:
  • An effective structure with clear aims and objectives - so learners know what they're learning!
  • Lots of variety - with questions, exercises and activities tailored precisely to the target learner
  • Self assessment - that will provide just enough of a challenge
  • Assignments and projects - to help the learner practise and apply their new skills
  • Assessment guidelines, standards and competencies (if appropriate) for more information 

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